How To Wax Using Wax Beads

How To Wax Using Wax Beads

Every time you head for a waxing appointment, it’s the same story. Messy hot wax, stubborn strips not coming loose and searing pain. Well, that’s about to change. Waxing can actually be a no-fuss, relatively painless experience and we aren’t even kidding! You can thank wax beads for that. While wax beads have been in the market since 2014, they’ve found popularity only recently.

Unlike gooey hot wax, hair removal with wax beads do not need waxing strips and cuts down on the time and mess involved in the traditional waxing procedure. Although the beads are slightly more expensive than traditional wax, they make the process infinitely less painful and messy. Another reason for its popularity is its gentle touch when removing the hair, even on sensitive skin. That’s why many are turning to it for hair removal in sensitive regions like the face, bikini area and armpits. So if you’re looking to try waxing at home with wax beads, let us run you through it.

Step 1 – Adjust the temperature of your wax heater to the hottest setting for 5 minutes. Then place 2 – 3 tablespoons of wax beads in the wax heater. Allow the beads to sit for 15-20 minutes and then lower the temperature to the medium heat setting.

Step 2 – Shortly, the wax beads will melt and become thick and honey-like in consistency. That’s when it’s time to start.

Step 3 – Using a spatula, apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth. Since there aren’t any strips involved, add a bit extra at the south-most end to create a handle to pull it off. Allow it to dry for 2 – 3 minutes until it resembles plastic.

Step 4 – Grab the handle you’ve created at the end of the wax section and yank it off in the opposite direction of your hair growth in one swift motion. Repeat this procedure until you’ve removed all your unwanted hair.

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