What Are Your Pimples Trying To Tell You?

What Are Your Pimples Trying To Tell You?

We’ve all dealt with a dreaded zit at some point or another. Some of us during those teen years and others, well into adulthood. Whenever be the case, they were always an unwanted guest that we couldn’t wait to get rid of. The thing about pimples is that they aren’t completely random. You may wonder why that zit showed up front and center of your forehead on the night of your big date but there’s actually a reason behind it, which can be determined by face mapping.

Your face is a mere reflection of the way your body is functioning. Hence, the area of the face that a pimple shows up in is a symptom of an underlying condition. “Face mapping may be in vogue today but dates back in history,” says skin expert Dr. Rashmi Shetty. She continues, “It treats the face as 4 – 5 zones that behave differently and hence, need different care.” So if you find yourself in a pickle with a zit popping up in any of these facial regions, treat it from the root.

Forehead – Your gut is the root cause of forehead pimples as it indicates trouble in your digestive system. Either your food isn’t being broken down correctly or you have food allergies like gluten or lactose intolerance. Change that by being mindful of what you eat and adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Lower cheeks – A pimple on the lower area of your cheek indicates to an infection in the mouth, probably with your gums or teeth.

Chin – If a pimple turns up on your chin just before your period, that’s a clear-cut sign that it is caused due to a hormonal imbalance; something that usually happens during one’s menses. Also, keep your hands off your chin – you don’t need to spread more bacteria there, now do you?

Neck and chest – Pimples crop up in this area as a reaction to an infection or when you are undergoing a lot of stress.

Upper cheeks – The main cause of pimples on the upper area of the cheeks is pollution, dirt or grime. Since it’s usually unavoidable, just make sure to cleanse and exfoliate often.

Between the eyebrows – If you spot one here in the morning, it’s safe to say you had a fun night. This area is directly linked to the liver’s functioning and consumption of alcohol. Plenty of water before you sleep will do the trick.

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