Why Cream Soda Hair Is A Favourite Hair Trend This Season

Why Cream Soda Hair Is A Favourite Hair Trend This Season

Let’s be clear, this isn’t a post about fizzy beverages. Instead, it’s about hair colour. You heard that right, hair colour that finds its inspiration from none other than a creamy bottle of soda pop. But food inspiring beauty isn’t new to us. With the likes of pumpkin spice hair and skin sorbets making their presence felt, cream soda isn’t all that surprising. So what’s the fuss about it really?

For one, it’s quickly becoming every celebrity’s favourite hair colour this season. When Gigi Hadid, Elisabeth Moss and Sophia Bush all rock the shade at the same time, what else can you call it except a raging hair trend for fall 2017?

Cream soda hair colour walks a fine line between blonde and brunette shades and is popularised by Los Angeles based hairstylist Sunny Brooke. Sunny’s clients include Hollywood stars like Allison Williams and Hailey Baldwin, many of whom she prepped for the recent Emmy Awards 2017. Brooke terms the colour as ‘golden cream soda pop’, a blonde shade that has rich undertones which are perfect for autumn!

The appeal of cream soda hair colour lies in its brown and gold base, which adds depth in plenty to the tresses. So what’s got all the celebrities checking into the salon for a cream soda hair appointment, you ask? We’re going to write that down to the radiance it lends the skin because of its golden tones. What’s even more exciting is the fact that it can be adapted for blondes and brunettes, isn’t too high on maintenance or bleaching and needs a touch up only every 2 to 3 months.

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